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We are looking forward to learning more about your integration!

5. Tell us about it

Who does this work? Anyone on your team! Most often this step will be done by a project manager.

Service Provider Registration

Registration for use of the SeamlessAccess service is required for Service Provides that want to start using the “Advanced” flavor. Those using the “Limited” and “Basic” flavor also are highly encouraged to register their integration to remain informed of updates and to be listed as an active integration on our site.

There are two key types of Service Provider reviews: advisory and approval.

Advisory reviews

If you are strictly following the user interface and experience guidelines, the advisory site reviews are optional. However, if you are planning modifications of the interface, or related workflow, we highly recommend an advisory review early in your design process. This review provides SeamlessAccess experts to help work through design challenges in a way that still honors the recommended approach. It is important to note that integrations that deviate significantly from the design specifications can risk not being approved.

Approval reviews

All sites planning “Advanced” integrations will need to have at least one approval site review. The purpose of this review is to:

  • Terms of Service (TOS): Ensure that you understand and agree to the things that would be in the Terms of Service (Note, once the Terms are available as a document, this step will be done outside of the integration review)
  • Beta Disclosure: SeamlessAccess is currently operating as a beta service, and is such the service is subject to change. During the review we will discuss the potential implications for your implementations.
  • UI/UX Adherence: A key value of the SeamlessAccess is the user experience consistency across sites. Here we will review that your implementation’s UI/UX is consistent with expectations/ recommendations.
  • Metrics: Particularly during the Beta period, all services implementing the advanced implementation will be requested to collect and share metrics that provide insight about the use of the service and its impact on FIM-based access to their service.
  • Service Promotion / Contact: We will collect contact information from you both for informing you if there are updates or changes to the service, and also to collaborate with you in promoting your implementation of the service and your support of SeamlessAccess.