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SeamlessAccess for Identity Providers

Participation in an identity federation is required to implement SeamlessAccess. An institution must have an Identity Provider (IdP) service, and is ultimately responsible for allowing or restricting any information (such as attributes) to be shared about their user communities. Organizations may want to consider implementing a service such as Consent-informed Attribute Release (CAR), a service that is out of scope for SeamlessAccess itself, but which will allow IdPs to put control of information sharing in the hands of their users.

IdP operators can point Service Providers to our website and ask them to implement SeamlessAccess. IdP operators are also encouraged to communicate with library colleagues about ways to improve access, the possibilities of federated authentication for library resources, what attributes to release, and more.

SeamlessAccess streamlines an organization’s existing federated identity environment by making it possible for users to stay logged in across different resource providers (single sign-on).