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SeamlessAccesss for Researchers

That wiki you use to collaborate with other scientists around the world, the domain-specific app you share with others to do research, the articles you need to access that your institution has already paid for… It’s these things and more that drive the need for a single sign-on (SSO), federated identity service. SeamlessAccess exists to make this access easier by offering you an easy to find and easy to use button that will point you to your institution’s login page without having to jump through different hoops for every site and service you need to use.

Even if you have more than one institutional login, the choices are clear and simple, removing several hoops from between you and the material you need.

The Service Provider (SP) offering the services or content you require do not see your username or password; the only information stored (and it’s stored only in your browser) is your previous choice of Identity Provider (IdP).

You can opt out of this service entirely by disabling cookies in your browser.