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The SeamlessAccess community consists of individuals representing libraries, university IT, researchers, publishers, research collaborations, identity & access federations, and others that support and contribute to scholarly creation. These individuals contribute to working groups that guide our work. We will be using this page to feature their contributions and inspire you to get involved.

Governance Committee

  • Todd Carpenter (NISO)
  • Heather Flanagan (SeamlessAccess Program Director)
  • Jason Griffey (NISO)
  • Andy Halliday (SpringerNature)
  • Hylke Koers (STM)
  • Tim Lloyd (LibLynx)
  • Ann West (Internet2)
  • Klaas Wierenga (GÉANT)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)

Outreach Committee

  • Michelle Brewer (WoltersKluwer)
  • Jane Charlton (OpenAthens)
  • John Felts (Coastal Carolina University)
  • Jason Griffey (NISO) - co-chair
  • Linda Van Keuren (Dahlgren Memorial Library, Georgetown University Medical Center)
  • Tim Lloyd (LibLynx) - co-chair
  • Judy Luther (Informed Strategies)
  • Heather Staines (SeamlessAccess)
  • Tracy Tolliver (University of Illinois)
  • Rich Wenger (MIT, retired)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)

Technical Steering Committee

  • Marina Adomeit (SUNET)
  • Tom Cramer (Stanford University)
  • Paul Dixon (LibLynx)
  • Heather Flanagan (SeamlessAccess Program Director)
  • Ron Hatcher (Elsevier)
  • Leif Johansson (GÉANT/SUNET) - SeamlessAccess Architect
  • Christos Kanellopoulos (GÉANT)
  • Tim McGeary (Duke University)
  • Nick Roy (Internet2)
  • Albert Wu (Internet2)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)

Advisory Committee

  • Laird Barrett (Springer)
  • Prakash Bellur (IEEE)
  • Peter Brantley (UC Davis)
  • Todd Carpenter (NISO)
  • Aaron TAY Chee Hsien (Singapore Management University)
  • David Flynn (EBSCO)
  • Lisa Hinchliffe (U of Illinois)
  • Leif Johansson (GÉANT/SUNET)
  • Phil Leahy (OpenAthens)
  • Tim Lloyd (LibLynx)
  • Allan Lu (Proquest)
  • Helen Malone (Glaxo)
  • Jay Neill (Wiley)
  • Henning Schoenenberger (Springer)
  • Eefke Smit (STM)
  • Ann West (Internet2)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)

Entity Categories and Attribute Bundles Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to define and promote a set of attribute release profiles and associated entity categories applicable to the access of scholarly information resources and services in the context of federated authentication.

The goal is to have these categorizations and profiles adopted and/or endorsed by global research and education federations, library communities, and other stakeholder groups. Any specific proposals for new entity categories should be submitted to REFEDS for consideration.

  • Laird Barrett (Springer Nature)
  • Judith Bush (OCLC)
  • Alan Buxey (MyUniDays)
  • Amanda Ferrante (EBSCO)
  • Heather Flanagan (SeamlessAccess Program Director)
  • Dave Flynn (EBSCO)
  • Peter Gietz (DAASI International)
  • Jason Griffey (NISO)
  • Roy Hatcher (J.B. Hunt Transportation Inc.)
  • Ken Klingenstein (Internet2)
  • Adam Lewenberg (Stanford IT)
  • Tim McGeary (Duke University Libraries)
  • Femke Morsch (SURF)
  • Peter Murray (consultant)
  • Jiri Pavlik (National Library of Technology, Czech Republic as FIM4L representative)
  • Emily Singley (Boston College)
  • Andras Somagaal (Springer Nature)
  • Rich Wenger (MIT, retired)
  • Albert Wu (Internet2)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)

Contract Language Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to define and promote language that may be used in contracts that include provisions for Federated Access. Typically, these contracts involve the library organization’s Identity Provider Operator (IdP Operator) and electronic resources management staff as well as the Service Provider Operator (SP Operator) of the content or resource supplier. These provisions will hold both the Licensing Institution and the Resource Provider responsible for adherence to the Attribute Release Entity Categories applicable to the access of scholarly information resources and services in the context of federated authentication. The Technical Steering committee and the larger Seamless Access process have produced a technical infrastructure that is able to protect end user privacy; this group will endeavor to ensure those protections are maintained via contractual means.

  • Sharon Boland Bayer (Harvard Libraries)
  • Rachel Bock (Wiley)
  • Joel Derby (Springer Nature)
  • Amanda Ferrante (EBSCO)
  • Sarah Forzetting (Digital Collections Librarian, Stanford University)
  • Jason Griffey (NISO)
  • Gabe Harp (The MIT Press)
  • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (Professor & Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Ken Klingenstein (Internet2)
  • Jennifer Matthews (Collection Strategy Librarian, Rowan University)
  • Peter Murray (Index Data LLC)
  • Kelechi Okere (Elsevier)
  • Christee Pascale (Head of Acquisitions, University of South Carolina)
  • Jiri Pavlik (National Library of Technology, Czech Republic)
  • Chris Shillum (Principal, Swiss House Information)
  • Pim Slot (SURF)
  • Lauren Syer (Harvard Libraries)
  • Mark Williams (JISC)
  • Ralph Youngen (American Chemical Society)

WAYF Entry Disambiguation Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to develop recommendations around the issue of visually indistinguishable Identity Providers (IdPs) appearing in Where-Are-You-From (WAYF) IdP discovery services.

  • Fredrik Domeij (SWAMID)
  • Amanda Ferrante (EBSCO Information Services)
  • Heather Flanagan (SeamlessAccess)
  • Jason Griffey (NISO)
  • Meshna Koren (Elsevier)
  • Phil Leahy (OpenAthens)
  • Tim Lloyd (LibLynx)
  • Hong Ma (Loyola University Chicago)
  • Richard Northover (Elsevier)
  • Adam Snook (OpenAthens)
  • Albert Wu (InCommon)
  • Ralph Youngen (ACS)