Getting Started >Step 4. Tell your users

Once you have connected to the SeamlessAccess service, you are going to want to let others know about it. We have provided you with a suite of communication resources that you can use to help spread the word.

4. Tell your users

Who does this work? This work is likely done by your communications or marketing team. It’s a great idea to get this group involved early in the project so they are ready to talk about the connection when it is ready

Get listed on the SeamlessAccess site

Please let us know when you have implemented SeamlessAccess so that we can include you in the list of SeamlessAccess-enabled sites. This list will help other service providers and end users know who is using the service.

Contribute your story to the SeamlessAccess site

We also will be highlighting several SeamlessAccess-enabled sites. Your inclusion will help others to envision what they can do with the SeamlessAccess service, and also provide more exposure for the work that you put in to enable SeamlessAccess.

Include a SeamlessAccess-enabled logo on your site

You’ve done the work; why not flaunt it! When you inform us that you have implemented SeamlessAccess, we will reply with a copy of our SeamlessAccess-enabled logo that you can add to your site. Maybe you’ll included in a blog post or tweet, or add it to your documentation about accessing your service or resources!

Share the good news with your end users

We’ve prepared some boilerplate text that you can use when communicating with your end users. We’ve also included some suggestions on how to spread the word, and how we can help amplify your message.

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