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SeamlessAccess for Research Collaborations

Federated Identity Management (FIM) is a priority for many research collaborations. SeamlessAccess allows these collaborations to use a common, configurable, and community-supported identity discovery service that will help make single sign-on easier for their researchers. SeamlessAccess enables fast and easy access to FIM-enabled services, including wikis, web sites, and other collaboration tools.

Research collaborations have a unique role in the context of FIM: they often serve as both an Identity Provider (IdP) for participating researchers that do not have an account at an institution that supports FIM, and as a Service Provider (SP) for collaboration-specific services such as wikis and domain-specific tools for their participants. Any identity discovery and persistence service needs to be able to take into account both the collaboration-hosted IdP as well as any institutional IdPs that the collaboration has federated with. SeamlessAccess can be configured to support that model.

See SeamlessAccess for Identity Providers and SeamlessAccess for Service Providers for more detail.