April 2022 Newsletter


We have several events coming up where you can learn more about SeamlessAccess and have an opportunity to interact with the team:

And a reminder for two other upcoming opportunities where you can meet us in person:

  • Council of Science Editors meeting, May 1-3 in Phoenix, AZ
  • Society for Scholarly Publishing in Chicago, June 1-3.

Drop us a line if you’re planning to attend these events and we will be delighted to meet up!

SeamlessAccess is now available in multiple languages

We’re thrilled to announce that SeamlessAccess now supports internationalization. We believe this is an important value-add for the service, given that SeamlessAccess has a very international user base and is all about providing those users with easy, intuitive access journeys. Internationalization features for SeamlessAccess were made available for testing in Beta back in February, and have now been deployed to the main SeamlessAccess service.

At this moment SeamlessAccess is available in two languages: English and Spanish. We hope that, with the help from the wider SeamlessAccess community, many other languages will follow soon. If you are willing to support this effort, please consider contributing to the set of translations via our GitHub repository.

Access Apocalypse: Be Prepared for Anything (NISO+ video)

Several members of the SeamlessAccess team, including Heather Flanagan, Tim Lloyd, and Jason Griffey presented at the NISO Plus 2022 conference in February on the topic of upcoming browser technology changes and their effects on access to resources. That presentation, entitled “Access Apocalypse: Be Prepared for Anything”, is now available in the Seamless Access Learning Center. This session walks through current and evolving changes in access methods to explore how the information community can maintain workflows that minimize access friction for users, deliver an engaging and personalized experience for service providers, and protect data privacy.

STM Trends 2026

The latest STM Trends infographic entitled “The Beauty of Open at Scale” is now available. Based on discussions with dozens of experts, the STM Trends series have proven to be an engaging and informative way to identify technology-driven trends that are likely to impact the scholarly communications ecosystem in the next three to five years - which helps set the scene for how services like SeamlessAccess can continue to add value in the future.

Introduction to the graphic and a lively panel discussion around its themes took place on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, with a recording available here. Speakers took a deep dive into lessons from OA publishing; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; author engagement; metadata and discoverability; and more.

SeamlessAccess.org is a service designed to help streamline the online access experience for researchers using scholarly collaboration tools, information resources, and shared research infrastructure. This service is governed as a coalition between four organizations: GÉANT, Internet2, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), and the International Association of STM Publishers. Participants include researchers, service providers, libraries, identity providers, and federation operators. We’re excited to bring you up to date on the latest news.